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Eating Deli

In New York it's a cuisine, not just a sandwich.

Sometimes you went out for Chinese, sometimes Italian, sometimes Deli. A Delicatessen Restaurant.
These are things I grew up with, and at that time there may not have been a great delicatessen outside of N.Y.C., but there were certainly a choice few winners in the city. The Carnegie and the Stage (within a couple of each other) the Second Ave. Delik, Wolfs, and for smoked fish, Murray's Sturgeon and Barny Greengrass to name a few.

The aroma in these delicatessens was like your grandmother's kitchen after she had been preparing food all day for the family on a holiday. The food was rich as delicious as grandmother's, only more. You never got a big fat hot corned beef or pastrami sandwich, made with the most savory delicious meat, anywhere but those delicatessens.

All the food was very fresh. The meats and poultry were roasted, boiled, steamed, etc., right there, never shipped in precooked. This food, this cuisine, was the equivalent of Jewish Soul Food.

All of this is what we are doing here. Don't be bashful, ask for a taste, relax, sit back and enjoy.
Josh Kornblatt